“It must be nice to be able to make a living doing what you like to do”. We hear that comment very often, and we always reply the same truthful way, “yes as a matter of fact it is”. While we love to be on the water with all types of watercraft, what we really “like to do” is sell good boats. We sell for and to vendors and purchasers throughout the world who agree that yachting is indeed a leisure activity, that the best price is always the “fair market” price, and that because it is for fun, it should be fun. Typically, our new and pre-owned yacht transactions develop pleasantly and quickly to a mutual agreement. Our after sales service and delivery, we think, are the best anywhere. We are dedicated to our clients, we have a history of the highest standards of honesty and involvement and we invite you to check us out.

Thirty-three years of doing our absolute best with good humor and disciplined integrity has led to true success. We have sold over 2400 big boats, and at least sixty-five families have returned to Ken Wagner Yacht Consultants for their third, fourth and even fifth boat. This history of service allows us to feel very confident about how best to serve your needs and, what the fair market value of each offered yacht is. We know the technical details of the yachts that are available for sale very well, and what we do not know we shall find out and learn. We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our skills in representing new and pre-owned yachts to all our clients.

Reputation and a repeat clientele also place Ken Wagner Yacht Consultants in the enviable position of having a most extensive selection of preferred fresh water yachts for sale. Many of these quality boats were sold new by Ken Wagner as the vendor of new Bayfield Yachts (approximately 150 sold), Bénéteau Yachts (approximately 35 sold), CL-Sandpiper Sail Boats, C&C Yachts (approximately 275 sold), Chris-Craft Yachts (approximately 65 sold), Edel Yachts (approximately 80 sold), Fairliner Motor Yachts, Grew Motor Boats, Kirié-Elite Yachts, Mirage Yachts (approximately 50 sold), Mistral Boats, North Star Yachts, Kirby Yachts, Trojan Motor Yachts and Vanderstadt Sail Boats.

Chances are excellent that a pre-owned yacht listed for sale with Ken Wagner Yacht Consultants is a yacht whose history and maintenance are well known to us. The extensive research into yacht values further guarantees the value of our listed yachts.

We invite you to contact us for your current and future yachting needs. Ask us about the very reasonable listing conditions for the yacht which you wish to sell. Our focus is to improve and enhance our services as well as our abilities and we hope, our enviable reputation. We take nothing for granted. If you are comfortable with easy, trusting, honest dealing, you will truly appreciate our preferred philosophy and attitude.
With an established clientele on four continents, you can rest assured that when you ask us to serve your needs, we will do so promptly, with an appreciation and good humour. We look forward to your requests. Happy Yachting!